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Our Core Values

Le Habitat Ltd is consistently associated with the high standards of service, quality, personal attention to our clients, and integrity.

Our core business values are:


Integrity is centre-most of our business process. We are committed to the values of honesty, respect and hard work in order to achieve our goals. We have set high professional and ethical standards in the industry and appreciate the level of trust that our clients have in us to fulfill their construction objectives.


Le Habitat has a reputation to build to the finest standards possible. This reputation has accorded us the privilege of leading the market in construction of some of the highest profile and often one-of-a-kind, projects in the Cayman Islands.


The construction process can be a challenging undertaking to clients. We value the responsibility and trust our clients have in us and are committed to achieve to the best standards, within time, quality and above all to the client’s expectations.


We aim at setting high standards of quality and conduct all our business to the highest professional and ethical standards of practice.

We at Le Habitat set ourselves ambitious targets – derived from our vision and verified by benchmarks – and give our all to achieve them. We stand beside our customers in the search for perfect quality, coming up with solutions that exceed their expectations.

Quality demands we define a path of continuous improvement, constantly challenging existing processes. It also requires us to embrace change so we are in the right place when new opportunities open up. Quality also means attracting the best talent in the marketplace and giving them the skills and opportunities they need to become high-achievers. We are committed to living a high-performance culture.

Safety is paramount to all our activities at Le Habitat. We are committed to the occupational safety of our team members and the public in general at all stages of the construction process and are compliant with the OSHA Law & Regulations for Occupational Health and Safety.

Innovation & Sustainability: 
Our goal is setting standards in Cayman Islands’ construction sector. We unlock the energy and creativity of our employees, embracing the new and different methods of construction in order to achieve this vision. We constantly gauge the success of our innovations in construction by our customer’s satisfaction of owning a dream home that meets all their expectations.

At Le Habitat; we closely align our construction methods and business strategies in both established and emerging construction designs, methods and technologies to ensure the best outcome for our clients. This involves providing our clients with options for energy efficient homes by harnessing eco-friendly energy applications such as the energy-efficient ICF-block construction, solar powered and propane-fuelled appliances.